Information and I&CT

Organization and technologies today are two parts of a whole, so Tema has structured a dedicated team to assist its clients, also in line with the 15th update of July 2, 2013 of Circular 263/2006, on the following topics:

Information System  

  • Government and organization of the information system
  • Risk analysis computer Information
  • Security Management Management system data
  • Outsourcing of information system

Business Continuity

The Tema team - in order to ensure the confidentiality, reduction and cost containment , the operational risk management and information technology - also operates in the issues:

  • Privacy
  • Graphometric Signature
  • Document Management
  • Mailing to Digital
  • Dematerialization
  • Outsourcing of information technology , hardware and software , in the " cloud " or in VPCC - Virtual Private Cloud Centric - multi_site
  • Service Management , Remote , technology customer
  • EDP audit