Statutory audit (Tema Audit S.r.l.)

Tema carries through the company Tema Audit Ltd authorized to exercise the statutory audit under the provisions of Legislative Decree 39/2010, internal control functions (i.e. internal audit, compliance, risk management, anti-money laundering) in full outsourcing towards Banks and Financial Intermediaries.

With the entry into force of the 15th update of July 2, 2013 of Circular 263 issued by the Bank of Italy on 27 December 2006 the outsourcing of business functions control is only allowed to third parties with appropriate requirements in terms of professionalism and independence. For third parties, the Bank of Italy only mean other banks, auditing firms, or organizations associative category.

Tema Audit Ltd., as independent auditor, is one of the third parties defined by the Bank of Italy authorized to perform the control functions in outsourcing.

The legal address (PEC address) of Tema Audit srl is:

  • Accounting Appraisal
  • Business Plan Appraisal
  • Auditing