Tema was set up in Milan in September 2009 on initiative of Arturo Sanguinetti and Massimiliano Forte, two professionals who have gained, after significant experience in the financial sector and at Financial Italian Authorities, a consolidated expertise in Internal Audit, Compliance, Risk Management and Anti-Money Laundering.

Tema offers internal auditing, compliance, risk management and anti-money laundering services to Investment firms, Investment Management firms (traditional, real estate hedge and private equity), UCITS, Banks, listed companies, financial intermediaries, branches of international banks or investment firms and insurance companies.


Risk Management, Governance, Organizational matter, System of internal controls, Accounting, Rules of Conduct, Capital requirements, Information Systems and I&CT are the areas in which the partner of Tema, their employees and the entire organization have important skills.

Arturo Sanguinetti

Arturo Sanguinetti, Chairman, before Auditor at Ernst & Young Group he was Officer at Italian Authority - Consob, Enforcement Division. Currently is Certified Italian Chartered Accountant and Auditor in Milan with several offices within primary Italian investment firms, banks, listed companies and agencies.

Massimiliano Forte

Massimiliano Forte,  Co Founder and Partner, former Officer at Italian Authority - Consob, Enforcement Division, he was in charge of Responsible for Internal Audit, Compliance and Operational Risk Management towards Italian and international investment firms and banks. Today he is a Certified Italian Chartered Accountant and Auditor in Milan. Expert in Regulatory Compliance with several offices within primary Italian investment firms, banks and branches he is Board member or Board of statutory auditor member in Bank, investment firm and asset management firm.

Sergio Sanpaolesi

Sergio Sanpaolesi, Managing Partner, chartered accountant and statutory auditor, he has many years of experience in various roles of responsibility in the Risk management and internal audit functions of Italian banking groups, including those controlled by foreign banking groups of international importance. Previously he worked at Consob (Intermediaries Division, Inspectorate Office) and was responsible, at auditing and consulting firms, for the direct performance and coordination of consulting and support activities for banks, investment firms and asset management companies on issues relating to internal control systems, risk management processes, the provision of services and regulations relating to such issues. He is an expert in risk management issues and in Italian and international prudential and supervisory regulations on banks, financial intermediaries and investment firms. (

Valentina Maestri

Valentina Maestri, Managing Partner, an expert in the regulation of investment services, financial instruments and anti-money laundering, she has many years of experience in SGRs with specialist knowledge in the field of FIAs (real estate and private equity). In the past, she has worked in companies specialized in the establishment and management of pension funds of banking groups. He currently holds positions as Head of Compliance, Internal Audit and AML Corporate Functions and member of SGR 231/01 Supervisory Bodies. Expert in ICS assessment and evaluation activities in banks, asset management companies, banking and financial intermediaries (ex 106 TUB). (

Stefano Toschi

Stefano Toschi, Manager with over 25 years of experience in the auditing sector, he has gained a strong specialization in fintech, leasing, and special servicer activities. Expert on anti-money laundering issues.

Marina Boetti

Marina Boetti, Management assistant with experience gained in banks and financial intermediaries of high standing.